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places sacred mountain pistoiese

places sacred mountain pistoiese

The most famous monument of Cutigliano is the Church of Our Lady of Piazza. Dating back to 1400, inside there is a terracotta attributed to B. Buglioni of about 1510. We are also the Church of St. Bartholomew
It 'a sixteenth-century church and keeps inside paintings by the seventeenth century. G. From St. John and M. Rosselli.

Church of St. Nicholas
Attestata since 1300, retains sacred furnishings and equipment.
Oratory of S. Maria delle Grazie in Campore
And 'famous for an image of the Madonna and Child scope with the Crusades In sec.
Church of St. Bartolomeo Casore of Mount
The bell is the only thing that bears witness to its Roman origin.
Church of St. Donat in Momigno
Inside eighteenth, but the outside retains the features Romanesque.
Church of Sts. Lucia and Right to Montagnana
Built before the twelfth century. Has a plant is Romanesque.
Church of St. Leonard at Serra Pistoiese
Built inside the walls of the castle, inside there is a Polychrome terracotta of 1500.

Parish of St. Maria Assunta
Dating back to 1200, the guards of the sacred relic of Our Lady of liquid Milk.
Parish of SS. Annunziata (Old Church)
Its existence is documented as early as 1040.
Church of St. Mary Crespole
Originally Romanesque was renewed between the Six and the eighteenth century.
Parish of St. Maria Assunta in Popiglio
Church decorated in the late sixteenth-eighteenth centuries.
Church of St. Miniato to Calamecca
Originally a church, lost the title in 1182 when the castle Rebelled in Pistoia.

Sambuca Pistoiese
Church of Sts. James and Christopher
Established in Romanesque, keeps characters eighteenth. Reason interest Are the interior furnishings.
Church of St. Maria del Giglio
It was built at the end of the eighteenth century. To commemorate a miracle happened in 1722.
Church of St. Mary and S. Frediano to Pavana
It goes back to 1700, but the furniture witnessed a building of the century.
Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Treppio
Present as early as 1366, was amended sec. XVII-XVIII.

San Marcello Pistoiese
Parish of St. Marcello
As a Roman origins, retains an Ecce Homo wax the Sicilian GG Zumbo (XVII Sec.).
Parish of St. Maria Assunta in Gavinana
Built in sec. Retains large pale terracotta attributed to B. Buglioni.
Parish of St. Maria Assunta in Lizzano
Keep inside a Madonna by Andrea della Robbia.

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