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pian degli ontani

pian degli ontani

The Natural Reserve Biogenetic of Pian of Ontani was established in 1977. It stretches for about 500 acres near the town of Pian Pian Novello and the Ontani, to the right of Sestaione stream at an altitude between 1100 and 1800 metres. Soil is formed mainly by stone arenarea, while the forest land is composed almost exclusively of fustaie beech woods obtained from former cedui era Grand Duchy. This area is also used to produce selected seeds for reforestation. The many paths inside, as well as a wide dirt road that winter is used as a trail for cross-country skiing, make it easily practicable; is largely accessible to non deambulanti in a wheelchair. Pian of Ontani is also known to be home to Betrice, pastora poet, whose stornelli were much appreciated by poets and intellectuals known as the Tommaseo, the Tigris and Lorenzo Borri.

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