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corno alle scale

corno alle scale

Famous ski resort, 70 km from Bologna and 80 km from Florence, is renowned for its 40 miles of tracks, which diramano a range, starting from the summit, at an altitude of 1950 metres. Corno alle Scale was a place frequented since Neolithic times: a testimony of this were found several lithic tools, and was discovered the presence of buildings of high medieval period. Typical are the mountain villages that develop on slopes less steep slopes of the mountain and keep intact the special features of high-altitude villages. The park Corno alle Scale, established at the end of the'70s, is managed by local authorities concerned territorially and consists predominantly of conifers, maples and beeches. Inside the park is also very easy to see wild animals such as marmots, deer, foxes and deer. Some of the most beautiful routes are to be seen: the shrines of Our Lady dell'Acero and Our Lady of Beech.

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