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route of francesco ferrucci

route of francesco ferrucci

During the first few days of August of 1530, the mountain pistoiese, there was a battle between troops Florentine, led by Commissioner General Campaign Francesco Ferrucci, and the imperial troops, numerically higher, led by Fabrizio Maramalbo, Alessandro Vitelli and the prince d 'Orange. Francesco Ferrucci was in Pisa when he received the order to return to Florence to defend the imminent attack of imperial troops. To get a surprise effect on opponents, Florence decided to reach through the hills and mountains lucchesi pistoiese, touching Borgo a Buggiano then traced through Collodi. Arrived near Vellano, Ferrucci cut straight to Calamecca, crossed Prunetta, he headed north to San Marcello and Gavinana here in the place of confrontation. Francesco Ferrucci lost his life at the hands of the enemy Maramalbo Fabrizio, who had taken prisoner. Starting from this battle took symbolic of the values of freedom becoming myth.

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