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23 prato abetone

23 prato abetone

Meeting: 07:00 hours Piazza Falcone-Borsellino area V.le Court of the Republic (Florence near the Sea - Prato East). Departures: Departure Gathering self-hour 07:00 / 07:30 Departure timed 08:00 hours path behind machine up to Pistoia. After walking free. Top timed from the start Cronoscalata Ponte Sestaione for a total of 12.5 km.
This will be set up starting grids: one reserved for those who are classified within the 300 in the 2003, the first 5 runners-up for each category in the 2003 national circuits, the first of 10 classified PATENT 2003 TOSCANO , grilled red women enrolled (optional), subscribers to PATENT TOSCANO 2003, and those who will consider appropriate to include. Then 500 grids divided into chronological order of registration. Those who are entitled to the honor of the grid must report when otherwise registration will be allowed to registration in chronological order.
The departure time is 3 hours and 5 hours Gavinana all'Abetone. Mandatory use of protective helmet. Participants must obey the highway code. For everything else there Regulation of UISP.
At departure checks will be made before entering the area grids. Along the way there will be other flying controls. They will be disqualified cyclists who have not made the entire journey, which will be surprised at the departure machine, which does not take the helmet, they will be surprised to towing, which does not have all the controls and will not conduct a respectful staff Organizational and the Jury. Over the last 4 km will be established a fast track for cyclists. Upon arrival and after about 10 km, will be used massage areas.
Score: Ranking for the company will be awarded 1 point to finish intermediate Gavinana 2 points in the final goal all'Abetone. Individual awards: first prize winners will be classified 3 red grid, the first 5 winners of each category, the first 5 classified Assoluti cronoscalata Abetone, the last 10 came all'Abetone. Awards for companies: They will be awarded the first 30 cycling companies with the following points: 1 point for all'intermedio Gavinana and 2 points to finish dell'Abetone.

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